Public Safety Information 

Public safety is the most important goal of our organization. Fire prevention can save lives and prevent loss of ones property. While we are trained in many aspects of public safety and responding to emergencies, you to can prepare and prevent emergencies with some helpful tips. We preach every October during fire prevention weeks to kids to have an escape plan in case of a fire and for adults to replace your batteries in smoke detectors. While these may be simple things to remember the Adams Fire Company wants to provide you with more resources in fire prevention and being safe. Below are some links which can aid you in fire prevention and with many potential emergency situations. If you have any questions about anything related please do not hesitate to contact us. Most importantly though, in the case of any emergency please call 911 immediately and help will come. 

Fire Emergencies

Carbon Monoxide Emergencies

Weather Related Emergencies

Emergency Medical Services

How to Prepare Your Home for a Winter Storm

CDC Guide to Extreme Heat

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors & the Disabled

Humane Society - Protect Your Pets

Ready for Anything: First Aid for Pets

A Nurses Guide to First Aid Preparedness

Fire Prevention and Safety 

How Smoke is Made

Ultimate Guide to Disaster Preparedness 

Garage and Home Fire Safety for Kids