A fair amount of our calls for service are for EMS (Emergency Medical Service). Anything ranging from a lift assist to a heart attack. We also provide EMS on scene at car accidents. Since we discontinued our ambulance service in the 1990's Twin City Ambulance responds with Adams for all EMS calls and transports patients to the hospital. Twin City has provided a Paramedic ambulance for all our EMS calls since that time and has helped us to provide the best service possible for the community. All members of Adams have taken a first aid class and a CPR class pursuant to the are operating procedures.

If you want to become a New York State Emergency Medical Technician you must be 18 or older to sign up. The class is a New York State class which is approximately six months long. Class covers a wide range of EMS subjects including CPR and AED use, care for traumatic incidents, administration of certain drugs, and general medical training. Upon completion you will be certified by New York State to practice as an Emergency Medical Technician. Adams currently has 15 EMT's and 1 Paramedic.  



CPR Training


Mercy Flight is often used for bad car accidents 


Interactive EMS training