Calls for Service

Fire and EMS calls are our primary reason for being a Fire Company. Since the early 2000's we have seen a rapid increase in call volume. We currently average about 850 calls for service a year. Our primary coverage area is the South East portion of the Town of Wheatfield. With a large call volume we see a large array of calls. Over the history of the Adams Fire Company we have seen a lot of interesting calls. Below are some links to a few our calls. There will be more added in the future with unpredictable calls we come across. 

A traditional question asked by almost anyone is if we have ever saved a cat out of a tree. Many will say you have to believe it but we had the opportunity to save a cat from a tree. While this is not an everyday occurrence, anything can happen any given day. 

December 2018 Niagara Falls Blvd Fire

November 2018 Corn Maize MCI

May 2017 house fire

August 2016 City of Lockport Fire

July 2016 Structure Fire

April 2015 NFB Fire

February 2013 Dumpster Fire

July 2013 Flood

December 2013 Ice Storm

March 2012 Shawnee Road Fire

April 2012 Old Shawnee Road Fire

2009 Tonawanda Island Fire

2005 RA Miller Fire

Motor Vehicle Accidents