Serving and Protecting Wheatfield Since 1924

As I take office as Chief of Adams Fire Company for the 3rd time, I first have to look back at how I got here. In March, I will have volunteered for 40 years! It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been volunteering that long. I remember when I came to the fire station as a Cub Scout, and then as a Boy Scout getting my Eagle Scout, and having the President of the fire company presenting me with my Eagle Scout ring!  

When I joined in 1982, we only ran 57 alarms that year! Times have really changed. Back then, we all had a lot more time for training, life was simpler, as most members had 8-4 jobs, or 9-5, and spending time at the fire station was just something the guys did. The work details that we did to better the fire company, by cleaning, painting, maintaining the property, and building new additions to the hall, or back garage we had today made us all closer as a family. The work ethic put in, made us younger members realize this place was just not dropped here, it took members time and money, in making it what it is today while saving the taxpayers money. We were the first fire company to have the first diesel pumper, first to have large diameter hose, or to have 1 ¾ hose in the Town of Wheatfield.  Members worked hard in fund raising like Bingo, Chowder sales, Sportsman’s Raffles, 50’s Dance’s, and other fund raisers, to have what we have today.  

In these times now, we are running around 900 calls, 90% EMS, our volunteers have jobs that they work all different shifts, and some with multiple jobs, and time is precious! We have maintained the volunteers we have by being flexible, knowing family and your job is 1 and 2, and the fire company is 3 or 4. We try to provide training at different times of the day, we don’t expect everyone to be available 24 7, and we treat every member like family. 

Moving into 2022, I have to first commend Chief Chris Pino in the dedicated work he has performed of the past 6 years. This past year has been very difficult with COVID, and the amount of paperwork he has completed to keep the fire company up to standard, has exemplified his excellencesWorking around Chief Pino has made me a better person, better leader, and he has shown what it takes to keep the fire company up to the standards it should be.  

Our family here at Adams has answered many COVID calls, and we have not had any COVID cases resulting from treating patients, which just tells you how we have all worked together to keep us all safe. The rules and regulations have been something we have never seen, and hopefully we can move forward with not having to deal with a global pandemic again.  

I am committed to the task of meeting the high expectations that we have set as a standard of care in the service we provide to our residence. I will sure this organization keeps the safety of the public as our number one priority and continue to allow this organization to grow and prepare to meet the ever-changing future.  

We can only be as good as we can by working together as a team moving forward, and look forward in leading this team to a successful next 2 years as Fire Chief of the Adams Fire Company Inc. 


Thank You for visiting our web site and would appreciate hearing from you. 


Donald Lauer Fire Chief 

Adams Fire Company

Station #1

7113 Nash Road
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Phone: 716.692.3212
Fax: 716.743.0599

Station #2

3805 Klemer Road
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
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