Firefighters are the ones to answer the call for help, putting out fires and performing rescues. Carrying hoses, climbing ladders and operating equipment are many of the jobs you will do. Training is a very important aspect of fire fighting. We will provide training with the station as well as sending you to the local fire training classes. Must be 18 years or older and pass a yearly physical. Junior Firefighters may join at age 16 but are restricted from certain duties such as going into a fire.

There are many different aspects of firefighting that we perform. In addition to extinguishing fires we perform many additional jobs at fire and rescue scenes. Skills such as extinguishing fires, ventilation at a fire, car fires, FAST team rescue operations, firefighter survival skills and motor vehicle extraction are just some of the duties performed. Below are pictures of what encounter on a routine basis. 

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Fighting fires is a dangerous job. No two fires are the same and you must be aware of your surroundings at all times.17168101642_e58ea5b20a.jpg

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With busy roadways such as Shawnee Road and Niagara Falls Blvd we see a large amount of car accidents. We carry a large variety of extrication tools on our apparatus for these instances.



While training may be tough and time consuming not only is it enjoyable to learn about and practice skills but gives you the chance to help a person in need.

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