1E2 is a 1997 Salsbury Rescue Pumper with a Simon Duplex cab and is the primary engine out of Hall #2 at this time. 1E2 is the first response engine out of Hall #2 for fires, car accidents, and service calls. 1E2 carries 500 gallons of water with a 1500 GPM pump, the jaws of life and multiple auto extrication equipment, a 6000 PSI breathing air refill station, and EMS equipment. Multiple hoses and a portable blitzfire are on the truck as well. 

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DSCN1703 copy 3 .jpg

Adams 1E2 at a house fire in 2012 


1E2 and 1E1 at a multiple garage fire on Niagara Falls Blvd , April 2015 

IMG_0595 copy 2.jpg

Adams 1E2 at a compactor fire in 2012 


1E2 pumping

IMG_0838 copy.jpg

Adams 1E2 at a water flow drill in 2013 

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 Adams 1E2 in 2009 at a fire in North Tonawanda


1E2 at a fire 2016

DSC00552 copy 2.jpg

Breathing air refill system on 1E2 being used at a fire 


1E2 after the delivery of new auto extrication equipment 


1E2 at a call with Niagara County Hazmat