Inside 1E2

1E2 was designed as a multi use rescue pumper. This engine was the main engine in Hall 1 for many years and is currently the main engine in Hall 2. 1E2 also has a 6000 PSI breathing air refill station that has got a lot of use during its time on the engine. Although the older of our two engines, 1E2 carries a large variety of rescue tools that were obtained in a federal grant in 2012 and many fire related tools. 

20151110_095940 copy.jpg

The back of 1E2 contains four seats and multiple hand tools.

20151110_100043 copy.jpg

A view of the driver and passenger area.


The main pump panel controls.

20151110_095708 copy.jpg

Multiple types of rescue tools, cribbing, and chains are stored here.

20151110_095714 copy.jpg

EMS equipment and air bags and tools are located here.

20151110_095727 copy.jpg

The jaws of life and rams are kept here.

20151110_095737 copy.jpg

Ladders are kept in a chute and hose connections in the back. 

20151110_095758 copy.jpg

Extra air bottles, air cart, and ventilation fans.

20151110_095806 copy.jpg

K12 saw and high rise hose packs. 

20151110_095816 copy.jpg

Breathing air refill station on 1E2.

20151110_095830 copy.jpg

Passenger side pump panel and air refill station bottle storage.