1E1 is a 2012 Sutphen Rescue pumper and is the primary engine that responds out of Hall #1. 1E1 responds to all fires, car accidents, service calls, and also is equipped with EMS equipment. 1E1 was custom built with the Jaws of Life pre connected in the truck and carries a large multiple auto extrication equipment such as air tools, air bags, struts, and rams. Due to the harsh weather conditions it was decided that 1E1 would have an enclosed pump panel with a 2000 GPM pump with a 750 gallon water tank. 1E1 was built with an enclosed ladder rack, multiple type of hoses with a portable blitzfire, and a 8 man cab. 

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Adams 1E1 pictured by Niagara Falls NY 


1E1 at a multiple garage fire on Niagara Falls Blvd


1E1 at its dedication with Adams members in 2012 

IMG_0193 copy 2.jpg

Adams 1E1 during floods in the summer of 2013

IMG_0213 copy2.jpg

Adams 1E1 at drill utilizing foam unit on truck 

 IMG_0167 copy 2.jpg

Adams 1E1 at its first fire in Fall of 2012 

 IMG_0605 copy2.jpg

Adams 1E1 responded to many service calls during an ice storm in the winter of 2014

 IMG_0189 copy2.jpg

Adams 1E1 parked in a neighborhood flooded during a storm in the Summer of 2013 


1E1 at Niagara Falls