Inside 1E1

1E1 contains a large variety of fire and rescue equipment. We were very fortunate to receive a federal grant in which we obtained a large quantity of rescue tools which we incorporated on this truck. This truck was designed with an eight man cab and enclosed pump panel to protect it from the environment. The pictures below give you a view of what is kept on this truck and its uses from front to the back. 

20151110_110700 copy.jpg

A look into the back of 1E1 

20151110_110636 copy.jpg

The rear inside contains six seats and four air packs

20151110_110611 copy.jpg

A view of the driver and officer area 

20151108_100724 copy.jpg

We keep 150 feet of 1 3/4 hose line in the front bumper for quick attacks on fires

20151108_100410 copy.jpg

This is the drivers side cab compartment which contains tools for hooking up a fire hydrant and a place for gear storage.

20151108_100252 copy.jpg

This is the driver side pump panel where all hoses are operated from and some are stored.


20151108_100334 copy.jpg

This driver side compartment store hose accessories, tools, and extra air packs.


20151108_100354 copy.jpg

EMS equipment is stored in this driver side compartment for all EMS related incidents. 


20151108_100432 copy.jpg

Multiple tools, lights, extra air bottles, and a speedy dry dispenser are located in tis rear driver side compartment.


20151108_100809 copy.jpg

In this rear compartment we have two 200 foot hydraulic lines that can operate each of these three sets of the jaws of life.


20151108_100515 copy.jpg

Extrication equipment including cribbing, rams, and an air cart are located in this compartment.


20151108_100530 copy.jpg

 Air tools, FAST equipment, high rise hose packages, and other rescue equipment are found in this passenger side compartment. 


20151108_100609 copy.jpg

Ventilation fans, power saws, and fire hydrant equipment are found in this compartment.


20151108_100636 copy.jpg

The other side of our enclosed pump panel includes hoses and connections for other hoses.


20151108_100646 copy.jpg

The passenger side cab compartment contains hose equipment and fire extinguishers.