2020 News

2020 is finally done !

We can finally put 2020 in the books. Our call volume dropped to 716 for the year. Even with everything that happened we made all our calls and our members still put in a great effort in adapting with the times. Lets hope 2021 gets us back to normal. 

Garage Fire with St Johnsburg

Crews from Adams assisted St. Johnsburg Fire Company at a garage fire on December 12th. Mission was accomplished quickly and efficiently - see fire, put fire out, everyone go home safe.

12 12 garage fire 1.jpg

12 12 garage fire 2.jpg

12 12 garage fire 3.jpg

12 12 garage fire 4.jpg

Adams mourns passing of 45 year member


Adams Fire Company is sadden by the passing of 45 year member Wilbert Bush. Wil served as President in 1985 and from 1988-1990 as well as multiple other board and executive positions throughout his career. When Adams served chowder and did bingo he played a huge role in making them a success. He was a consistent top responder and longtime member of the Fire Police team at Adams. Wil was currently serving as Assistant Treasurer at the time of his passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and thank you for everything you contributed to make the Adams Fire Company a better place. 

Arsonist sets Motel on Fire

Adams teamed up St. Johnsburg Fire Company, Bergholz Volunteer Fire Dept and a few other companies for a quick early morning fire at a motel on the Boulevard on 11/07/2020. In addition to all of us knocking down the fire and preventing more problems, huge shoutout to the Niagara County Sheriffs for catching the tenant who started the fire and ran away from the scene. Not cool man, even 2020 has standards and last we checked this isn’t a symptom of Covid! Anyways, great job to all, Wheatfield is lucky to have some pretty good Fire Departments and County Sheriffs keeping an eye on us.

11 7 fire 1.jpg

11 7 fire 2.jpg11 7 fire 3.jpg

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Hit and run MVA

On September 20th Adams responded to a hit an run MVA at Nash and Niagara Falls Blvd. The vehicle that caused the accident fled the scene and the occupants (or occupants) of the vehicle left the vehicle behind a local business. They also emptied the vehicle out so we assume they were not hurt in the crash. The victim sustained minor injuries from the accident.

9 20 mva 1.jpg

9 20 mva .jpg

9 20 mva 2.jpg

2019 Awards Night

In addition to Covid ruining 2020 for us, it also cancelled our scheduled awards night for 2019 earlier this year. On September 12th we finally were able to hand out our awards for 2019. Our 2019 recipients are pictured below. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work. Not pictured is our Fire Police of the Year award recipient: Steve Keller. 

19 2.JPG

Firefighters Bob House and Brendan Lauer earned their shields for completing their Firefighter classes.

19 1 .JPG

Our new members for 2019 and half of 2020

19 5.JPG

New member of the Year and Training award: Amy Orlowski

19 3 .JPG

EMS provider of the Year: Pete Chase 

19 4 .JPG

Most call and Firefighter of the Year award: Kevin Hodgson 

Adams Chief goes on 9/11 climb

On 9/11 Adams Chief joined the Niagara County Sheriffs Office, members of the Niagara County Fire Coordinators Office and members of other Fire Departments for the 1980 step challenge. On September 11th, first responders climbed 110 stories, or 1980 steps, in their attempts to rescue those trapped inside the burning World Trade Center Towers. To honor and commemorate those first responders, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice in their efforts to save others, the group climbed the stairs of the Niagara Gorge between Whirlpool and Devils Hole State Park in full turnout and duty gear. 

9 11 1 .JPG

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Adams awarded SAFER grant from FEMA

Here is some great news for the Adams Fire Company and citizens we protect of the Town of Wheatfield finally for 2020! Our Company was recently awarded a Staffing For Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant through FEMA. The total for this Grant was $198.700 which covers a variety of topics for recruitment and retention of firefighters. Yearly mailings for recruitment, informational brochures, billboard advertisement, and increase in social media plublicity. The main portion of this grant covers the cost of new members brought in per year. This includes a full set of brand new PPE, a NFPA physical, and fire department apparel. 


A huge thank you to our very own member Jim Mihalko for organizing, researching, and pushing for us to get this grant. His continued hard work and dedication to getting grants for our Company has helped us out immensely and has let us focus more on better protecting the citizen in our district.


We look forward to continue to better serving and protecting the citizens of the Town of Wheatfield moving forward with this grant. If you are interested in learning more about our Fire Company you can inquire with us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on our website www.adamsfireco.com


Brush Fire

On May 21st Adams responded for a fire in the woods off of Nash Road. Due to the fire's size and difficulty to gain access to, Pekin Fire Company was requested for their off road fire fighting equipment. The fire was eventually contained and extinguished by on scene personnel. 







Fire at nursing home

On May 19th Adams and St Johnsburg responded for a fire in the laundry room at a local nursing home. Upon investigation it was found that there was a fire in the laundry room. Adams and St Johnsburg crews extinguished the fire and performed overhaul and ventilation throughout the facility. No injuries were sustained by any firefighters or residents of nursing home. 



IMG_4080 (2).jpg




Adams donates to local nursing homes

Adams Fire Company is always grateful for our continuous community support. We were given the opportunity to give back to those who support us. With the help of Pellicano's Marketplace, we delivered meals to the employees at local nursing homes. We appreciate all of the hard work they are doing during these trying times. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible. 






Car/Garbage Truck Accident 

On May 18th Adams responded for vehicle that struck a garbage truck on Shawnee Road. Fortunately only minor injuries occurred from the accident. 




50 year member George Lindaman passes

On April 29th Life Member George Lindaman passed away. Obituary can be viewed on the following link. Thank you for your years or service and dedication to the the Fire Company and Community


Welcome Home Bob !

Very nice piece by the Buffalo news on our friend Bob who beat Covid-19. Bob is an influential part of our Boy Scout Troop 833 and many individuals at the Fire Hall. Welcome Home !



Truck vs bridge MVA

On 04/20/2020 Adams responded to a motor vehicle accident in which a truck hit a bridge. No life threatening injuries were sustained. We were able to snap a few photos that dont violate NYS discovery laws.

4 20 MVA 5.jpg

4 20 MVA 4.jpg

4 20 MVA 3.jpg

Servpro decons Adams and our Equipment

Thank you to Servepro of Eastern Niagara County for cleaning and sanitizing our Halls and equipment during this time. It helps provide a safer work environment for our Firefighers and those we serve. Thanks again!


Wheatfield Social Distancing Parade

On April 5th all Town of Wheatifeld Fire Companies and the Niagara County Sheriffs took part in a parade around the Town to spread some cheer due to the Covid-19. Thank you all for your support for us during this time, its greatly appreciated. 


parade 1.jpg




Fast team call out for Frontier

On March 29th 2020 Adams responded as a Fast team for a fire on River Road. No injuries were reported and crews were able to save most of the house.

******Due to new NYS Discovery Laws were not able to post any action pictures of the fire. 

fast 2.jpg

fast 3.jpg

fast 5.JPG

fast 4.jpg

fast 1.JPG

Polar Bear

Adams Fire Police members made the long trip to Olcott to assist in the Polar Bear swim in Lake Ontario. None of our members made the swim but just assisted with traffic for the event. 


Multiple Car accidents this year 

So far in 2020 Adams has had a high number of motor vehicle accidents in our area.

*******************Unfortunately, NYS has continued to make our job difficult and we are not allowed to photograph our incidents due to new law restrictions. We came across a few public post of some accidents. Hopefully moving forward we will be able to share some action shots on calls. 

Adams Boy Scout Troop 833 wins Klondik

On January 25th Adams Boy Scout Troop 833 won the 2020 Shultz Cup Klondik. Congratulations to our Troop on the win and hope for many more !


Adams mourns lose of Life Member

On January 20th Life Member Dennis Sattleberg passed away. Obituary can be viewed on the following link. Thank you for your years or service and dedication to the the Fire Company and Community.