2018 Call Totals

In 2018 we finished with a total of 847 calls. 593 of them were EMS related and 254 were Fire related. 

2018 Santa Drive 

Adams Fire Company Thanks everyone for making this year's Santa Drive Great. We collected 3 pickup trucks of food and delivered them to the Food Pantry in North Tonawanda this morning. It was great to see all the our neighbors and spread some Christmas Cheer. All of us at Adams Fire Company wish you all a Safe and Merry Christmas.

Santa 18 .1.jpg

Santa 18 2.jpg

House Fire on Niagara Falls Blvd

On 12/9/18 at approximately 5:40am Adams along with St. Johnsburg Fire Company, Inc. Bergholz Volunteer Fire Dept and Frontier Volunteer Fire Company responded to a house fire on Niagara Falls Blvd. A quick response from all involved and an aggressive attack minimized the damage to the residence. No injuries were reported and residents were able to return to the house after the fire was extinguished. Good job and thank you to all that helped us out ! close to being completed

12 9 fire 8.jpg12 9 fire 11.jpg

12 9 fire 1.jpg12 9 fire 3.jpg12 9 fire 6.jpg


1M4 progress

Our new 1M4 continues to be built with a completion date of January 2019. Below are some updated photos of it in production. 

M4 1.jpg

M4 2.jpg

M4 3.jpg

Inclement weather accidents

With the snow and winter weather coming in the area reminder to be safe driving and take your time with your travels. 


Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

On Thanksgiving morning members of Adams stood by for a local Turket Trot 5k. A few of our members braved the 10 degree wind and cold and ran along with the runners. One of our own members Adam Fruck took first place for the race. Congratulations and enjoy Thanksgiving everyone !

tt 11 21 2.jpg

TT 11 21.jpg

Tom Sell wins Fire Police Award

 On November 10th 2018 50 plus year member Tom Sell was awarded the Niagara County Fire Policeman's Association Fire Police Person of the year award. Below is a letter with Tom's accomplishments that lead him to being selected for the award. Everyone at the Adams Fire Company congratulates you on this award and thanks you for your continued service.

TS 2.jpg

TS 1.jpg


Mercy Flight 

On November 8th Adams had Mercy Flight respond to our Hall for a medical call that was flown out to Buffalo General Hospital. 

11 8 MF.jpg

2018 Fire Prevention 

Thank you to everyone that came out for our annual Fire Prevention. It brings our great joy going out into the community every year and spreading the word about Fire Prevention. Remember to keep safe and we look forward to next year !

We also choose a winning truck number for our new truck during Fire Prevention day. Through online polls and community outreach the winner was 1M4. Thank you to all who participated. 

FP 2.jpg

FP thank you .jpg

FP 1.jpg

Stove Fire

Adams units handled a stove fire on 9/16 with no damage to the structure. 

9 20 stove fire .jpg

Rescue Truck Contest 

We're asking for our community's opinion. Our new rescue truck funded through Senator Ortt's office is coming soon. The Ford 550 cab is in and the body is being constructed by Rosenbauer with a scheduled delivery date of December 2018. We have come up with a few options for numbering the vehicle and are going to be asking the community's opinion through a poll on our Facebook page. We will also be asking kids in schools and daycare centers in our area during Fire Prevention week for their opinion and having a contest with them. We will be unveiling the final decision at our Fire Prevention/Open House on October 27th. Stay tuned our online poll through our Facebook page !

M _.jpg

Buffalo wins prize at Wilson Field Days

On August 25th Adams Buffalo won the prize for farthest traveled piece of apparatus at the Wilson Field Days. The 1944 Buffalo made it to and from Wilson in one piece and can't wait to get back out there for more parades. 

wilson field days .jpg

Vehicle runs into store

On July 26th Adams responded to a local store for a report of a vehicle that went into the store. Upon arrival it was found a vehicle went into the store causing damage to the structure. One party was transported to the hospital and Town code enforcement responded to the scene to examine the structure. 

7 26 mattys 1 .jpg7 26 mattys 2 .jpg7 26 mattys 3 .jpg


Rollover Motor Vehicle Accident

On July 22nd in the early morning hours Adams responded for a rollover motor vehicle accident in a sub development in the area. Adams assisted the victim out of the vehicle and no transport to the hospital was required. 

7 22 rollover 3 .jpg

7 22 rollover 2 .jpg

7 22 rollover 1.jpg


Bergholz 100th year celebration

On July 20th and 21st Bergholz Fire Company celebrated their 100th year anniversary. Bergholz was the first Fire Company incorporated in the Town of Wheatfield followed by Adams. They celebrated the 100th year by bringing back the parade and a weekend celebration. Congratulations to them on their 100th year of service to the Town of Wheatfield. 

BFC 100 2.jpg

BFC 100 3.jpg

BFC 100 1.jpgBFC 100 4.jpg

Car Motorcycle Accident 

On July 18, 2018 at approximately 08:38 hours, the Niagara County Communications received several 911 calls reporting an injury motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle and car in the area of 3308 Niagara Falls Blvd in the Town of Wheatfield. Preliminary investigation determined that a 2002 Yamaha motorcycle operated by a male was northbound on Niagara Falls Blvd. when it struck a 2016 Ford pickup truck also operated by a male driver who was attempting to make a left turn from the parking lot of 3305 Niagara Falls Blvd. (Gleason's Gymnastics) on to Niagara Falls Blvd. The operator of the motorcycle was ejected several feet from the point of collision and was transported to ECMC by Twin City Ambulance for multiple injuries. The operator of the 2016 Ford did not report any injuries at the scene. Niagara County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Identification Unit and Accident Reconstruction Unit responded for further investigation. 

7 18 motor cycle mva 2 .jpg7 18 motor cycle mva .jpg7 18 motor cycle mva 3 .jpg

AFC house training

Over the weekend of July 13th and 14th Adams did live burn training in a house on Niagara Falls Blvd. The house was donated to AFC by Pellicano's meat market for training. Multiple live burns and drills have took place in order to enhance our training. 

7 15 burn 1.jpg

7 15 burn 2.jpg

7 15 burn 3.jpg

7 15 burn 4.jpg

Asst Chief LaDuca accepts job with NTFD

Congratulations to Mark LaDuca on accepting a position with the North Tonawanda Fire Department. Mark was a member of Adams for nearly six years and currently serving as an Assistant Chief. Mark was a dedicated hard worker and role model for those in the Company. We wish Mark the best in his new beginning. 

Mark NY .jpg

Motorcycle tree accident

On July 13th Adams responded to a motorcycle that struck a tree on Shawnee Road. No serious injuries were sustained for the occupants of the motorcycles.

7 13 mva 1 .jpg

7 13 mva 2 .jpg

7 13 mva 3.jpg

Dry conditions bring mulch and grass fires

Due to dry conditions over the past month Adams, and many other area Fire Companies, have been responding to grass fires and mulch fires around houses. Due to these conditions please be vigilant with open burns and smoking. There have been many house fire attributed to smokers throwing cigarette butts in the mulch and mulch catching houses on fire. 

7 8 mulch fire .jpg 


House Fire

On June 15th AFC responded to a report of a house possibly on fire. A neighbor quickly extinguished a fire that started in the garden and started to spread to the house. It was found that a flower pot ignited and started the fire. Shortly after a neighbor observed the pot on fire and extinguished it. 

6:15 fire.jpg


Car accidents on Niagara Falls Blvd

On June 27th and June 29th Adams responded to car accidents on Niagara Falls Blvd near the Amherst line. All occupants in both accidents had minor injuries. Please remember to travel safe during summer months.

NFB:Crescent 1.jpg

nfb:crescent 2 .jpg

nfb:crescent 3.jpg

nfb:crescent 4.jpg

nfb:crescetn 5.jpg

nfb:crescent part 2 1.jpg

nfb:crescent part 2 2 .jpg


Car accident

On June 14th AFC responded to a two car motor vehicle accident on Niagara Falls Blvd. No serious injuries were reported on scene. 

6:14 mva nfb 2.jpg

6:14 nfb mva 1.jpg

Head on accident on Niagara Falls Blvd 

AFC responded to a 2 car head on accident on Niagara Falls Blvd this on June 12th. No serious injuries were reported on scene. 

NFB head on 6 12 1.jpg

nfb head on 6 12 2 .jpg

nfb head on 6 12 3.jpg

Car vs tree MVA

On 4/27/18 Adams responded to a car vs tree MVA on Shawnee Road. It was found the driver went off the side of the road, hit an tree, then drove through a wooded area and came to rest in a ditch. Non life threatening injuries were sustained by the driver. 

4 25 mva 2.jpg

4 27 mva 3 .jpg

4 27 mva 1.jpg

94th Annual Installation Dinner

On April 14th we celebrated our 94th Installation dinner. We braved the ice storm and celebrated our accomplishments in 2017 and to the future. Our line, administrative, ladies auxiliary and jr firefighters were all sworn into office. 

Firefighters were also presented awards for the 2017 for their accomplishments. Congratulations to all officers that were installed and to all for what you did in 2017 and continue to do for the community. 

line .jpg

2018 Line Officers 


2018 Administrative Officers 

dave ff year .jpg

bob ff year .jpg

Firefighter of year - Dave Derion and Bob Pino

jeremy rookie .jpg

Rookie of the year - Jeremy Hussey

Kevin EMS.jpg

EMS provider of the year - Kevin Hodgson

brandon training.jpg

Training award - Brandon Derion

Kevin most calls.jpg

Most Calls (512) - Kevin Hodgson


Wind storms causes havoc on Adams district

On April 4th a windstorm rolled through Western NY causing extensive damage in its path including power outages, flooding, and trees and power lines being knocked down. Adams responded to a total of 9 calls for service including restoring power to traffic lights, flooded basements, trees in the road way and shutting down a major road due to a tree that took down power lines. 

4:4 storm .jpg

4:4 storm 2.jpg4:4 storm 3.jpg

Rollover car accident

On March 9th AFC responded to a one car rollover accident. One patient was transported to ECMC with minor injuries 

3 9 mva 4 .jpg

3 9 mva 3 .jpg

3 9 mva 5.jpg

3 9 mva 2 .jpg

3 9 mva 1.jpg

 3 9 mva 6.jpg

Residence fills with smoke

On February 26th AFC responded along with Shawnee for a house that had a possible electrical problem and was filling with smoke. The source was found and contained with no further damages. 

2 26 mapleton 1.jpg

2 26 mapleton 2 .jpg

Girl Scouts visit AFC

Fire prevention is not just for a month in October, its all year long. Asst Chief LaDuca took some time out of his day to show the Girl Scouts around the fire hall and teach about fire prevention. 


Smoke scare in residence

On February 15th AFC was assisted by St Johnsburg for a smoke investigation in a residence. No problems were found at the scene.

2 15 joshua ct 2.jpg

2 15 joshua ct 1.jpg


Bus Accident near Niagara Falls Blvd

On February 6th Adams responded to a bus vs car accident. No injuries were present and everyone left the scene in a safe matter. 

2 6 mva 1.jpg

2 6 mva 2.jpg

Hit and Run accident on Townline Road

On January 23rd Adams responded to a two car motor vehicle accident. Prior to AFC arrival one driver from the accident left the scene. The Niagara County Sheriffs Office located the driver and no major injuries were reported. 

1 23 mva 1.jpg

1 23 mva 2.jpg

Mutual Aid Fire with Bergholz

On January 8th, the Niagara County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call reporting a chimney fire on Danielle Drive. Upon patrols arrival, they found a working structure fire around the chimney of the home. The fire then spread to the attic and second floor of the residence. Adams assisted the Bergholz, St Johnsburg, and Frontier fire companies in containing the fire in those areas preventing further damage. Three adult occupants that were inside the home when the fire started and were able to safely evacuate the residence. The Niagara County Origin and Cause Team responded and investigation is continuing.

1 8 18 fire 1 .jpg1 8 18 fire 3 .jpg

1 8 18 fire 2 .jpg

1 8 18 fire 4 .jpg