823 Calls for service in 2017 

Adams places order for new truck through grant 

Adams has placed on order with Rosenbauer for a Mini Rescue. The chassis will be a Ford F-550 6.7 Liter Diesel with a 3/16" FX Aluminum body mounted to the chassis. The apparatus body will feature an Air Bottle Fill Station and cascade, 12 volt Command Light light tower, 12 volt Command Light traffic arrow board, roll out tool boards, and other customized compartments. LED warning and scene lights will be installed on the vehicle.


This order comes through a grant obtained through Senator Ortt's office. Thank you once again to Senator Ortt for assisting us with receiving this grant. 24993305_1974730775876720_8602404993626871433_n.png

Corn Maize call makes Good Morning America 

On Sunday October 15th Adams responded for a call at the Corn Maize for a bounce house that was lifted out of the air by a strong gust of wind with between 20-25 people in it. It was also reported that 1 person was dragged by the bounce house while it was in the air. In the end 1 person was transported to the hospital while others signed off medical treatment. 

On Monday October 16th our incident was featured on Good Morning America in addition to safety with bounce houses in windstorms. A press release from the incident is attached below.

The Niagara County Sheriff's Office Communications Center received several 9-1-1 calls reporting a bounce house, located at "The Maize", was thrown into the air as the result of a wind gust.

The bounce house traveled approximately 50 feet from its original location. There were several children playing on the bounce house at the time it went airborne. The children were treated for minor injuries at the scene.
A 76 year old female was standing next to the bounce house. When the bounce house went airborne, she was struck and dragged by the bounce house approximately 20 feet. She was transported by Twin-City Ambulance to E.C.M.C for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

10 15 corn maize 2.jpg

10 15 corn maize 1.jpg

10 15 corn maize 4.jpg

T Bone Accident

On 10/11/2017 Adams responded for a T bone accident on Shawnee Road. No serious injuries were reported and the road was shut down during rush hour for approximately one hour.

10 10 mva 6.jpg

10 10 mva 3.jpg

10 10 mva 5 .jpg

10 10 mva 4.jpg

Motor Vehicle Accident at Corn Maze

On 10/09/2017 Adams responded for a vehicle that struck a trailer at the Corn Maze on Niagara Falls Blvd. A vehicle went through the ditch, through a display and struck the trailer. Minor injuries were reported and no serious damage was done to the business 

10 9 mva 3.jpg

10 9 mva 2.jpg

10 9 mva 1.jpg

Car vs building

On 9/25/2017 Adams responded for a vehicle that struck a building. Minor injuries and minimal damage was done to the building. 

9 26 car building .jpg

Suspicious Fires at Park

Over the past week Adams has had a few suspicious fires being set at Fairmount Park. If anyone notices any suspicious activity around the park after hours please do not hesitate to call 911 to report such activities.

20170923 park 1.jpg

20170923 park 2 .jpg

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries

On 9/21/2017 Adams responded to a two car motor vehicle accident with injuries. Two parties went to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. 

20170921 mva.jpg

Softball Champions


On August 15th Adams won its second straight Niagara County Volunteer Fireman Softball Championship by defeating Miller Hose. 


sb 1.jpg


sb 2.jpg

Adams takes a few prizes at the WNYVFA 2017 Parade

During the 2017 WNYVFA convention parade on 7/29/2017 Adams took home three prizes. We received 1st place for best appearing fire truck, second for junior firemen, and second place for most men in line in our category. The band we marched with the Gordon Highlanders also took home some prizes in the band category. 

parade 1.jpg

parade 3.jpg

Apartment Complex Fire

On 7/29/2017 at approximately 13:30 Hours Adams responded for multiple fire alarms in a apartment complex in our area. Upon arrival units found that there was a fire in the maintenance room and the sprinkler system was activated. AFC extinguished the fire and provided cleanup for the damage caused by the sprinkler system. No residences were affected during the incident. 

729 fire 1.jpg

729 fire 2.jpg

729 fire 3.jpg

President Chase Wins Award

On 7/29/2017 President Pete Chase was awarded the service award for 5-20 years of service at the WNYVFA 2017 Convention. Congratulations to Pete on an award well deserved. 

wnyvfa 1.jpg

Adams takes second place in water ball tournament

On 7/29/2017 at the 2017 WNYVFA water ball tournament Adams took second place. Congratulations to the individuals that took place in the event and making your Fire Company proud. 


FAST Team call out 

On July 5th Adams was requested as a FAST team at a fire on River Road  with the Frontier Fire Department. The fire was quickly controlled by the Frontier Fire Department with the assistance from St Johnsburg and Bergholz.




50 Year members awarded

In 2017 Adams is honored to award two members for their 50 years of service to our Fire Company. George Lindamen and Vince Pino were recognized this year for 50 years of service. Vince received his awards at our annual installation dinner this year and George was recently awarded his awards at his home. On behalf of the community and our Fire Company thank you to these two for their years of dedicated service.



Bus Accident

On May 10, 2017, at approximately 1100 hours, Adams responded to an injury accident on Nash Road in the Town of Wheatfield involving a school bus and another vehicle. Niagara County Sheriffs found the bus on the west shoulder, and the other vehicle in a driveway on Nash Road. The investigation reveals that a northbound vehicle slowly started to drift into the southbound lane, sideswiping the school bus. The vehicle continued northbound striking a Verizon pole and then coming to rest in a driveway just north of the pole and against a fence. Twin City assisted Adams with transports to the hospital and sign offs on scene. 

5-10 mva 5.jpg

5-10 mva 2.jpg

On May 1st Adams received a call for a chimney fire on Shawnee Road. Niagara County Sheriff Patrols assisted in evacuating four occupants from the residence as the fire quickly spread through the rooftop above the chimney located on the south side of the residence. Adams assisted by Shawnee Volunteer Fire Company Inc.Frontier Volunteer Fire CompanySt. Johnsburg Fire Company, Inc., and Bergholz Volunteer Fire Dept responded and extinguished the fire. No injuries were reported. The Niagara County Origin and Cause Team responded and investigation is continuing into the cause of the fire.


April shawnee fire .jpeg




FAST Team Call

On April 19th Adams responded mutual aid to Sanborn for a house fire for a FAST team. The fire was controlled by the Sanborn Fire Company and the FAST team did not have to be activated. No injuries were reported. 





Car Accidents continue 

Motor vehicle accident continue in our district. With the weather changing and traffic conditions always dangerous please be caution when driving. If you do see us at an accident though please remember to move over and drive carefully when going through the scene.

310 MVA NFB cresecent .jpg310 mva nfb cresent 2.jpg310 mva nfb cresecent 3.jpg

37 mva nfb knoll .jpg

37 mva knoll nfb 2 .jpg


Wind Storm Does Havoc

On March 8th a wind storm moved through Western Ny causing mass damage. Adams responded to 10 calls ranging from accidents to wires down to lights out. No significant damage in our area was reported and power was only off for a short time. 

38 windstorm 1.jpg

38 windstorm 2 .jpg

38 windstorm 3.jpg



February Yielding Multiple Accidents 

As of February 14th 2017 Adams has responded to five motor vehicle accidents with injuries. The latest was a rollover accident with heavy damage to a National Grid Pole. Reminder for everyone to travel safe during the winter months to avoid accidents. 

2:12 rollover 3.jpeg

2:12 rollover 2 .jpeg

2:12 rollover.jpeg

2:12 rollover 4.jpeg

AFC send Air Paks and Gear to Tennessee 

In a unanimous decision in December of 2016 Adams agreed to donate our old Scott air paks to the Pigeon Ford Fire Department in Tennessee. Past President Michael DiPasquale and newly elected President Pete Chase took the twelve hour journey to Tennessee to deliver the items during January. The Scott air paks and used gear we sent along will serve a much better purpose with our brother fireman that are in need of these items. Thanks again to Pete and Mike for delivering the items and good luck to the Pigeon Ford Fire Department with the new items. 

tn 3.jpg


tn 1.jpg

tn 2.jpg