Adams Fire Company Station #2

 Adams Fire Company Station 2 was constructed in 2006 due to an increase in business and new build construction being built on the East side of our fire district. The land that Station 2 was built on was purchased in the 1960's by the Adams Fire Company in anticipation that someday businesses and new build construction in the area would be present. In the early 2000's Adams call volume was around 300 calls per year. Over the next few years call volume spiked to over 500 calls primarily with the increase in calls in the Station 2 area. With all the new construction in the area of the fire district which included multiple senior housing complexes, new businesses, and multiple sub developments Station 2 was constructed. Station 2 was privately funded by the Adams Fire Company with no tax burden on the residents of the Town of Wheatfield. 


100_0261 copy2.jpg

Old 1E1 and 1M3 when Station 2 first opened



1E2 and 1M11 stationed in Hall 2