History of Adams Fire Co Apparatus 

1924 - A 1924 Ford Chemical truck was bought with two chemical tanks mounted on back ,for $1,900.

August 16th, 1933 - The company authorized the purchase of a 1932 Pumper Truck with booster tanks for $3,900 from Buffalo Fire Appliance. 

1954 - Adams bought a 1954 Ford chassis and took it to Rathke in Wrights Corners to have a 1000 tank put on it. Then a portable pump and generator was added, the truck went in service in 1955 as 1-T-2.

1958 - Adams bought for #12,000 a Red American LaFrance International body, 750 GPM pumper.

1967 - Adams bought a yellow GMC step van, (aka the bread wagon) 1-M-3. This truck was used as an equipment truck. It also had a generator to supply power when needed. At one time all fire coats, boots, and helmets were kept inside the truck. Also this truck was used for Fire Police and first aid duties. 

1973 - Adams purchased a American LaFrance, 1250 GPM pumper, a yellow color, 1-E-5. At our dedication ceremony, St Johnsburg christened our truck with bird feed. Thus, the truck got its name the "Canary" or "Tweety Bird" and that's how the name was given by our neighboring fire companies. 1-E-5 took the place of 1-E-4. 1-E-4 is now used for parades, show, waterfall and a backup if needed in the community. 

1975 - The old 1-E-1 was sent in for a new paint job. It came back yellow ! Now all our trucks were yellow except the Buffalo and 1-T-2. 

1980 - Adams purchased 250 GPM GMC Mini Pumper from Salisbury, 1-M-10. This was used as a quick attack truck at major fires. It was equipped with a built in generator, set of tele lights, a front winch and a small pump. As well as using the truck for quick fire knock downs, it was also used for car accidents and first aid calls.

1985 - Adams purchased a yellow Penfab Cab, 1750 GPM pumper from Stanford. This truck replaced the old 1-E-1 and became our first superior pumper. This truck was equipped with many options in fire fighting techniques, such as its own generator, air compressor, built in deck gun, and mid mount pump panel. 

1985 - We said goodbye to the old 1-E-1 and 1-T-2. They were sold together to the same person. 

1987 - Adams voted by a narrow margin to start running a ambulance service along with our first aid. They bought a used ambulance to try it out. It was a 1978 box type in very good shape, also yellow with white. 

1991. Bought a brand new ambulance from Braun. It was also a box style ambulance on a Ford chassis. they sold the old one to a private individual. 

1995 - 1-M-3, the old bread wagon was sold to the Town of Wheatfield. 

1997 - 1-M-10 was sold to a down state ambulance service company. 

1997 - Adams bought a Salisbury 1500 GPM Rescue Pumper with a duplex body, 1-E-2.

1998 - 1-E-5 was sold to a used fire truck dealer. 

1998 - Purchased a 1999 ford F350 Utility truck, 1-M-3.

2004 - Purchased two Chevy Tahoe chiefs/rapid response vehicles, 1-M-10 and 1-M-11. 

2006 - Purchased a Chevy Tahoe to be used as an EMS vehicle, 1-M-12.

2012 - Adams purchased a 2000 GPM Sutphen Rescue Pumper to replace the old 1-E-1. 

2015 - Old 1-E-1 donated to the Dominican Republic Fire Department. Transported there by the US Air force.

2019 - We sold our 2004 Chief trucks, M10 and M11, to a Fire Company in Pennsylvania. We replaced them by purchasing Ellicott Creeks used 2014 Chiefs trucks. 

2019 - Through a grant through NYS Senator Rob Ortt we acquired a new multi purpose rescue truck, 1M4.